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Passes and Permits

Annual Pass - Mailed in 5-7 days

Annual Pass good for valid parking at all Lane County Parks facilities.
Mailed within 5-7 days of purchase.

Day Use Pass

License Plate#:     Date of Visit: 
MtP Vinyl Decal

Support Lane County Parks and add some style to your ride!

*Not a Parking Permit. This novelty item is used to support Lane County Parks and is not a substitute for a parking pass.

Lane county parks where a day or annual pass are needed Archie Knowles
Armitage Park
Austa Landing
Baker Bay Park
Bellinger Landing
Bender Landing
Blue Mountain
Deadmondís Ferry
Deadwood Landing
Deerhorn Landing
Dorena Covered Bridge
Eagle Rock
Farnham Landing
Forest Glen Landing
Greenwood Landing
Harbor Vista
Heceta Beach
Helfrich Landing
Hendrickís Bridge Wayside
Hileman Landing
Howard Buford Recreational Area
(Mt Pisgah)
Konnie Memorial
Lasells Stewart
Leaburg Landing
Linslaw Park
Mapleton Landing
Mercer Lake Landing
Munsel Landing
Orchard Point
Perkins Peninsula
Richardson Park
Rodakowski Landing
Schindler Landing
Stewart Covered Bridge
Tide Wayside
Tiernan Landing
Triangle Lake
Unity (Little Fall Creek)
Westlake (Siltcoos)
Whitely Landing
Wildwood Falls
Zumwalt Park

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